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An Interview With Bluesman Curtis Salgado

Bluesman Curtis Salgado brought his eight-piece band and a few songs from his new album for a performance at the OPB Studios. Between sets, he spoke with opbmusic’s Dave Christensen about getting his start in the Eugene blues scene, his role as John Belushi’s inspiration for the Blues Brothers, songwriting and his six-year battle with cancer.

Producer - John Kin
Producer & Editor - Jarratt Taylor
Videographers - Ifanyi Bell, Michaeld Bendixen, & Luis Giraldo
Audio - Steven Vaughn Kray, Randy Layton, & Jonathan Newsome

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An Interview With Bluesman Curtis Salgado; Glass Artist David Willis; Painter Eva Speer; Rose Okada

Oregon Art Beat: Episode #1412
Original Broadcast: January 31, 2013