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Celtic Musician Hanz Araki

Not only does Hanz Araki play Irish Flute, Japanese Bamboo flute, pennywhistles, and low-whistles; he also sings vocals. This well-rounded musician comes from six generations of Japanese flute players and was taught by his father to play the traditional Japanese Bamboo flute, the Shakuhachi. In addition, influences from his mother’s Irish background and highland records led him to take up the Irish Flute.

First Broadcast: 2007
Producer: Jessica Martin



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Part of Episode

Celtic Musician Hanz Araki; Author Monica Drake; Photographer Christopher Burkett

Oregon Art Beat: Episode #828
Original Broadcast: May 10, 2007

Glass Artist Catharine Newell; Celtic Musician Hanz Araki; Sculptor Tom Hardy

Oregon Art Beat: Episode #840
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