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Rawhide Braider Tim George

Traditional rawhide braiding is as utilitarian as it is beautiful and used to be widely practiced by working cowboys. Sure, they enjoyed it but they also needed the finished reins, riatas and bosals to handle their horses on-the-job. Pendleton’s Tim George takes this meticulous, traditional cowboy art form to the level of fine art.


First Broadcast: 2012
Producer: Jule Gilfillan
Videographer/Editor: Tom Shrider
Audio: William Ward

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Ceramic Artist Corrine Vegter; Pinhole Photos by Zeb Andrews; Rawhide Braider Tim George (1324)

Oregon Art Beat: Episode #1324
Original Broadcast: May 3, 2012

Adam Baker; Brenna Tyler; High Desert Museum; Tim George (1513)

Oregon Art Beat: Episode #1513
Most Recent Broadcast: February 27, 2014