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Thad Beckman

His career as a guitar picker has taken him across the country but now Thad Beckman is back in his hometown of Portland. He’s still making his living with the guitar and he’s still seeing the world, now as the lead guitarist for Tom Russell, one of America’s great songwriters.

First Broadcast: 2011
Producer: Jeff Douglas
Videographer/Editor: Tom Shrider
Videographer: Greg Bond
Videographer: Michael Bendixen
Special Thanks : Tom Russell; Mississippi Studios; Frank Moldstad, Jonesmore Studios; Mark Poniatowski
Special Thanks : Denny Bixby - Bass; Kurtis Piltz - Harmonica; Bryce Shelton - Drums

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Andrea Benson; Melanie Ooi; Thad Beckman (1227)

Oregon Art Beat: Episode #1227
Original Broadcast: May 19, 2011