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Condors and Lead Bullets

Endangered condors released to the wild get ill and die from lead poisoning.

Segmentarticle - Nov. 16, 2012

Christmas Bird Count

The Christmas Bird Count provides the nation’s best record of the rise and fall of bird populations.

Segmentarticle - Nov. 30, 2012

Lewis's Woodpeckers

Oregon’s native Lewis’s Woodpecker is in trouble because of loss of habitat.

Segmentarticle - Nov. 11, 2010

Sharp-tailed Grouse Update

Biologists hope some newly restored prairie might save hr sharp-tailed grouse.

Segmentarticle - Nov. 4, 2010


We spend 48 hours on a non-stop trip across Oregon in search of hundreds of birds.

Segmentarticle - Oct. 7, 2010

Murres & Eagles

Ocean-going birds called common murres are abandoning some of their breeding grounds.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 4, 2010

Streaked Horn Lark

Surprisingly, industrial development has helped these birds survive in Portland.

Segmentarticle - Oct. 15, 2009


We search for the elusive vulture, believed to be one of the smartest birds in the world.

Segmentarticle - Oct. 29, 2009

Zumwalt Cooperation

Cattle and birds co-exist in harmony on the largest native prairie in the Northwest.

Segmentarticle - Nov. 4, 2011

Arctic White Geese

Arctic white geese create a dazzling display each year in Oregon.

Segmentarticle - Oct. 7, 2011

Cats & Birds

An unusual alliance has formed of people working to save birds and the cats who kill them.

Segmentarticle - March 19, 2009

Terns & Cormorants

The world’s largest colonies of two species of birds feast on endangered salmon.

Segmentarticle - Oct. 23, 2008

Wetland Farming

A new type of farming attempts to grow an unusual crop: Wetlands.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 19, 2009

Malheur Refuge Carp

One of the first western wildlife refuges faces an unwanted invader.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 26, 2009


An Oregon Zoo program will introduce more California Condors into the wild.

Segmentarticle - July 17, 2008

Barn Owl Man

Meet a LaGrande man who spends a lot of his time working to improve life for barn owls.

Segmentarticle - Sept. 20, 2007

Yellow Rails

Biologists trek overnight through the Kalamath marshes looking for a tiny, elusive bird.

Segmentarticle - Aug. 30, 2007

Plover Habitat

Biologists are using some unconventional methods to restore habitat for snowy plovers.

Segmentarticle - Oct. 11, 2007

Ghost Nets

Abandoned gillnets from fishing boats remain in the water as deadly traps.

Segmentarticle - Sept. 29, 2006

Burrowing Owls

Urban growth and habitat loss in the Tri-Cities area is forcing burrowing owls to move on.

Segmentarticle - Nov. 17, 2006

Bird Flu

Learn about efforts to diagnose and protect Oregon birds from the deadly bird flu.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 1, 2007

John Day Photo Essay

Wildflowers bloom in the Painted Hills along the John Day River.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 2004

Aelutian Geese

See how Biologists and farmers are working to protect the rare Semidi birds.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 2002

Stout Mountain Photo Essay

A rare glimpse at the Salem area's natural diversity.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 2002

Sea Bird Count

Scientists use aerial photography to count populations of migrating seabirds.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 2002

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