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Christmas Bird Count

The Christmas Bird Count provides the nation’s best record of the rise and fall of bird populations.

Segmentarticle - Nov. 30, 2012

Bird Flu

Learn about efforts to diagnose and protect Oregon birds from the deadly bird flu.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 1, 2007

Bird Song

Biologists study songbirds to learn more about the human brain.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 2005

Pelagic Bird Watch

Bird watchers head out to sea looking for albatross, petrals and other pelagic birds.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 2000

Sea Bird Count

Scientists use aerial photography to count populations of migrating seabirds.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 2002

Backyard Bird-Feeding

Meet some bird lovers for whom one or two birdfeeders are not enough.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 1998

Cavity Nesting Bird Habitat

Dead trees provide habitat for a wide range of birds that nest in cavities.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 1992

Shore Bird Count

Volunteers conduct a first-ever survey of Oregon's migratory shore birds.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 1992

Bird Haven

A farmer uses insect-eating birds to replace the use of pesticides on his fruit trees.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 1992

Bird Call Collector

Join a nationally known bird-call recorder as he captures the call of the Sandhill Crane.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 2, 1993

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