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Celilo Falls, A History Revealed

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Celilo Falls has been the center of an emotional controversy for more than fifty years… we all know it disappeared when the Columbia River was dammed but some tribal members believe the government blew it up first. You’ll see brand new history-making images which might finally settle the matter.

First Broadcast: 2008
Producer: Vince Patton
Videographer/Editor: Todd Sonflieth
Photos Courtesy of : Linda Meanus, Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission, Ray Matheny Family, Ray Peirce, Ian McCluskey, Steve Mital
Special Thanks : Celilo-Wy’am Board, Louie Pitt. Jack Berry, Chuck Gilkison
Video courtesy of: Bonneville Power Administration, KGW-TV, OSU Archives, US Army Corps of Engineers, Huldah A. Steinmesch Stockman and Family

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Celilo Revealed; Effigy Beach (2008)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2008
Original Broadcast: November 20, 2008