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Oregon Field Guide

Chetco River Revisited

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Oregon Field Guide journeys back to the remote, Chetco river almost 10 years after the massive Biscuit fire engulfed the Chetco’s remarkable wilderness river canyon. We discover that the river remains as remote and difficult to access than it was before the fire, and yet it’s even more enticing.

First Broadcast: 2012
Producer: Ed Jahn
Videographer/Editor: Nicholas Fisher
Video Courtesy: Andy Maser

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If you’d like to learn more about the Biscuit Fire, you can watch a special report we did on the science and issues related to the fire back in 2003, 1 year after the burn.
  • Stay tuned for another story this season (Season 23) that will examine what scientists have learned about the fire in the last 10 years since the fire.
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Chetco River Revisited; Gold Fish; Muddy Boots (2309)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2309
Original Broadcast: February 9, 2012