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Forest Park: Portland's Backyard Gem

Portland’s Forest Park is at risk from rampant invasive species, lack of funding and unexplained tree deaths. Now the 5,000 acre park faces its biggest potential change in two decades: mountain bikers want new trails for single track cycling. The city is required to protect nature while balancing demands for more recreation. Every generation seems to face another dispute about this land, dating to the very idea of the park in 1903.

First Broadcast: 2010
Producer: Vince Patton
Editor: Lisa Suinn Kallem
Videographers: Michael Bendixen, Greg Bond, Nicholas Fisher, Todd Sonflieth
Video & Stills Courtesy of : Oregon Historical Society, Bill Hawkins, John Deshler, Portland Archives, Library of Congress, Univ. of Oregon Libraries, City Club of Portland, World Forestry Center, Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, Standard Insurance, US Forest Service
Graphics by: Vince Patton
Additional Voice: Jack McGowan

More Information
Historic Slidehshow
City Recreation Survey
Desired Future Conditions
Forest Park Conservancy
Northwest Trail Alliance
Forest Park
One City’s Wilderness: Portland’s Forest Park
City Club Call to Action 2010
City Club Proposes Park 1945
Detailed Maps
Biking Map
Bike Portland


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Forest Park: Portland's Backyard Gem

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2202
Original Broadcast: October 14, 2010