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Forest Surveyors

When we think of surveyors, we think about the guy along the road with a laser level. Well there’s another kind of surveyor who’s job is to hike into the wilderness, ensuring that the history of Oregon’s first statewide land survey from the 1800’s isn’t lost to time.

First Broadcast: 2010
Producer: Ed Jahn
Videographer: Todd Sonflieth
Editor: Michael Bendixen

More Information
Clark College
  • Clark College in Vancouver is the only two-year surveying program in the metro area.
  • Online:
Oregon Tech
  • Oregon Tech in Klamath Falls is the only four-year surveying program in the Northwest.
  • Online:


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Ethanol; Forest Surveyors; Old Tree

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2109
Original Broadcast: February 11, 2010