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Mount St. Helens Mysteries

27 years after Mount St. Helens erupted, researchers are having to rewrite the science of ecological recovery. With 20% of its surface blanketed in logs, and nutrient rich waters allowing for oddly thriving inhabitants, Spirit Lake is a living laboratory for scientist Charley Crisafulli. Without a single scientific theory or model to adequately explain what has happened at Mount St. Helens, Spirit Lake continues to baffle scientists everywhere.

First Broadcast: 2007
Producer: Vince Patton
Videographer/Editor: Michael Bendixen
Audio: Derek Ecklund
Video courtesy of: US Forest Service, KGW-TV, Weyerhaeuser

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Mount St. Helens Mysteries; Tilikum Center; Lake Oswego Rowing (1912)

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #1912
Original Broadcast: March 27, 2008