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Pixieland Restored

Pixieland created fond memories for a generation of Oregon children during the short time the amusement park survived on the coast. Three decades later, the sensitive land Pixieland was built on returns to nature, restored as a natural tidal wetland for the benefit of fish and wildlife.

First Broadcast: 2011
Producer: Vince Patton
Videographer/Editor: Michael Bendixen
Videographer: Nicholas Fisher
Video courtesy of: Jose Linares
Photos Courtesy of : US Forest Service
Photos Courtesy of : North Lincoln County Historical Museum

More Information
Pixieland History
Pixieland Oregon
Pixieland Restoration
Tamara Quays Restoration


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Diving Crater Lake; Pixieland Restored; Portland Mounted Patrol Unit

Oregon Field Guide: Episode #2208
Original Broadcast: February 3, 2011