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Eric Cain


Eric Cain grew up in Sacramento, earned a degree in Anthropology from U.C. Santa Cruz and moved to Oregon in 1972.

He first came to OPB as a volunteer in the Radio News department, reporting stories and reading a daily newscast. In 1987, he took a job in Television Production and has worked at OPB ever since. Eric has produced segments and programs for just about every show with "Oregon" in the title, including Oregon Field Guide, Oregon Art Beat, The Oregon Story and now Oregon Experience.

He's received a number of awards for his work at OPB, including two regional Emmys for "Best Director" and four more for "Best Documentary."

He's also studied commercial art and music. He has a keen interest in electric guitars, and has built (and taken apart and put back together) quite a few.

Kami Horton


Kami Horton has been with Oregon Experience since the series began in 2006. Previously she worked on several OPB programs including the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, the New Heroes, Pink Martini: Discover the World, and Caprial & John's Kitchen.

Kami began her broadcasting career in 1992 at CBS affiliate KTVL in Medford, Oregon, shooting, editing and reporting stories for a daily newscast. She has a B.A. in Broadcasting from Southern Oregon University, an M.A. in Writing from Portland State University, has studied in England and Germany, and worked in Belgium.

As a history buff and fifth generation Oregonian, she is delighted to be a part of the Oregon Experience team.

Nadine Jelsing

Executive Producer

Nadine Jelsing came to OPB with more than twenty years experience working at television stations and production companies across the country. She got her start in television at KING-TV in Seattle.

Nadine has worked on a number of other OPB productions including the educational media series, Rediscovering Biology before joining OPB full time in 2006 to launch Oregon Experience. She’s received several awards for her work on the show including four regional Emmys and a national Gracie Award.

A northwest native, Nadine is delighted to be a part of Oregon Experience telling stories and meeting wonderful people that have helped shape the state.

Lisa Suinn Kallem


Lisa Suinn Kallem has been in the business of storytelling for 20+ years. She is a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a BA in Communication/TV. She started at KREM 2 News in Spokane and moved to Portland to work as an audio technician and self-trained her way into an editors position at OPB. Lisa has edited numerous national and regional award winning programs including Frontline, News Hour, History Detectives, Oregon Field Guide, Oregon Art Beat and Oregon Experience.

She considers it her job to create the producer's true vision of the story. Story wrangling is her passion.

Bruce Barrow

Senior Editor

Bruce Barrow came to OPB as a senior editor in 1994 after 15 years as a freelance editor in Portland and Los Angeles. He has worked for Oregon Experience from its inception, editing two of its Emmy award winners - Sam Hill and The Beach Bill. In addition to his work on Oregon Experience, Bruce has worked on several other local productions, and was editor of the duPont-Columbia Award winning The Silent Invasion. His national credits include Producer on the PBS series' Time Team and History Detectives and Editor on many other PBS programs, including Nerds 2.0 – a Brief History of the Internet, Electric Money and Yalta: Peace, Power and Betrayal. He has won five regional Emmys.