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How Do Portland Police Address Human Trafficking?

On Friday's show, Former President Jimmy Carter said that police are often complicit with prostitution. We'll get a response from Portland Police.

Segmentarticle - March 31, 2014

Are Hip-Hop Shows Targeted By Portland Police?

Portland MCs say police arbitrarily harass people who attend hip-hop shows, but PPB says they are concerned about large crowds of all kinds.

Segmentarticle - March 4, 2014

Changes To The Way Portland Police Are Reviewed

The Portland City Council is hearing changes to the Independent Police Review Division which investigates complaints and all officer involved shootings. 

Segmentarticle - Oct. 23, 2013

Update on Recent Portland Police Shootings

On Monday night, Portland police officers fatally shot a man who fired a shotgun at them in an empty parking garage. The 32-year-old man, Santiago Cisneros III, was a veteran who may have been suffering from PTSD. Just two days later, a grand jury ruled on another recent shooting. The jury found that Portland officers were justified in using deadly force against Merle Hatch at Adventist Medical Center on February 17. Hatch appeared to be armed and can be seen on a cell phone video taunting the officers. It was later revealed that he did not have a weapon.

Segmentarticle - March 7, 2013

Baruti Artharee Is Portland's New Public Safety Police Director

On Jan. 31, Baruti Artharee began his new job as public safety policy director at Portland City Hall. He will serve as Mayor Charlie Hale's liaison to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) — and other public safety organizations — and will advise the mayor on policy changes. Artharee grew up in Compton, California, where he had adverse encounters with law enforcement. When he first came to Portland in the mid-1970s, he protested several Portland police shootings of African Americans, and has since formally and informally consulted the PPB on matters of diversity. His professional experience, however, has not directly focused on law enforcement. He has run a diversity and cultural competency consulting firm, along with serving as director of Oregon's Department of Housing and Community Services, chairman of the Urban League of Portland, and executive director of the Portland Development Commission.

Segmentarticle - Feb. 6, 2013

Changes at the Portland Police Bureau

About a month ago, the U.S. Department of Justice released a report of an investigation that found Portland police have engaged in a pattern of excessive force, especially against people with mental illness. This week, the police bureau responded to the DOJ findings by announcing it will reinstate the Crisis Intervention Team — a dedicated team of officers specially trained to respond to someone experiencing a mental health crisis.

Segmentarticle - Oct. 19, 2012

Portland Police Audit

The City Auditor has released an external review of Portland Police activities around seven officer-involved shootings between 2004 and 2010. The report details what happened in each case, summarizes similarities, and offers 13 recommendations. Several of the recommendations are:  The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) should maintain its partnership with Project Respond and make the Mobile Crisis Unit a permanent team, ideally with expanded personnel, hours, and scope. PPB should reexamine its current policy on Taser use in light of current research indicating the elevated dangers of prolonged Taser use. PPB should consider ways in which it can integrate its Critical Incident Management training curriculum into training opportunities for patrol officers.

Segmentarticle - May 31, 2012

Occupy Portland Clashes with Police

Dozens of Occupy Portland protesters were arrested in downtown Portland on Thursday. The protests were part of a nationwide "Day of Action." They were the first protests in which Portland police officers used pepper spray. Stay tuned to OPB News for continuing coverage.

Segmentarticle - Nov. 18, 2011

Homeless Man Shot to Death by Portland Police

A homeless man was shot to death by a Portland Police officer on Monday afternoon. Now the details are starting to come out and the community is reacting to what is now the second shooting by Portland Police this year. Here's what we know right now: Portland Police were called when a transient man was harassing and threatening people at Hoyt Arboretum in Washington Park. When the officer arrived the man came out of the bathroom with a significant amount of blood on him and with self-inflicted cuts on his neck. The state medical examiner says this suggests he may have been trying to kill himself. He came out of the bathroom holding a knife, which Chief Rosie Sizer described at a press conference as a razor-like knife similar to an X-Acto knife with a six-inch handle. Sizer said that the police officer, Jason Walters, retreated and asked him to drop the knife. And she said that when the man continued to advance, and didn't drop the knife, Walters shot him four times. The man bled to death at the scene. [Note: this paragraph has been edited to reflect this comment by Jrenaud.]

Segmentarticle - March 24, 2010

Transfer Policy Changes Coming To Portland Public Schools

The district is starting the process of overhauling its transfer policies while at the same time redrawing neighborhood school boundaries.

Segmentarticle - Sept. 2, 2014

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