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Rethinking Elite Higher Education

Portland writer William Deresiewicz argues in his new book, "Excellent Sheep," that America's system of elite colleges is bad for students — and society.

Segmentarticle - Aug. 12, 2014

Oregon's Education Future

President Obama announced on Friday that states that agree to a certain set of rules can waive restrictions set by No Child Left Behind. States would need to set strong teacher evaluation standards, and have plans to rework under-performing schools in order to receiver the waiver. Ben Cannon, former teacher and Oregon legislator, is Governor Kitzhaber's new education policy adviser, and he's excited at the possibility of Oregon getting some leeway within No Child Left Behind. We'll check in with Cannon to see how the Governor and Department of Education will go about trying to waive the restrictions. We'll also hear what Cannon's broader ideas for Oregon's education system are, and how his experience as a teacher and legislator will affect his plans.

Segmentarticle - Sept. 26, 2011

Summer Online Education

Students at Hillcrest Elementary in North Bend were given the option to try out an online learning program last summer. Teachers hoped that the program would help prevent the typical regression that many students experience over the many months of summer vacation. The program offered rewards — like offering $20 and an ice cream party for the students that used the program the most over the summer. Administrators say the program was a success, and now they're trying to expand it for use during the school year. But they're still working out some of the kinks, including how to make sure that students without reliable internet access don't get left out.

Segmentarticle - Nov. 8, 2011

An Educated State

Eighty-seven percent of Oregonians over the age of 25 have a high school diploma, and only 27 percent of us have graduated from college. For years, educational leaders have pondered ways to grow those percentages, and in 2008, the Post Secondary Quality Education Commission laid the ground work (pdf) for a more educated Oregon with their 40/40/20 goal -- that's 40 percent of Oregonians with a bachelors degree, 40 percent with an associates degree or trade school, and 20 percent with only a high school diploma by the year 2025.

Segmentarticle - May 26, 2009

TOL Hosts Special Event on Higher Education

What does the future hold for Oregon's public university system?

Segmentarticle - Jan. 8, 2009

Report Cards For Special Education

What's working -- and what isn't -- with Oregon's special education system?

Segmentarticle - April 7, 2008

Oregon Tech Education

A recent survey of Oregon technology industry executives indicates a growing concern over the quality of tech education at the state's universities.

Segmentarticle - Nov. 18, 2013

Nancy Golden Talks About How To Improve Education In Oregon

We talk with Nancy Golden, Oregon's new Chief Education Officer, following Rudy Crew's departure.

Segmentarticle - Oct. 9, 2013

Professor Yong Zhao On How To Educate Globally Competitive Students

We'll talk with University of Oregon education professor, Yong Zhao, about how schools could be educating students to be creative and innovative thinkers.

Segmentarticle - Oct. 1, 2013

What Can Montessori Teach Public Education?

Portland is hosting the 2013 International Montessori Congress this weekend. The Congress is held every four years, but this is the first time in over four decades that it's been held in an American city. Some argue that the Montessori philosophy is incompatible with the way America has structured its public education system, but a handful of schools are trying to make it work. One of the major differences between public education and Montessori schools is Montessori schools don't grade and tend to downplay, or totally avoid, standardized testing. These differences, along with a pressure to conform to state standards can be a point of friction for Montessori schools trying to operate in public districts. But the schools also focus on character education, which is something critics of the American education system point out as a blindspot in how we educate our kids. That approach has led some public districts across the country to try to adopt Montessori systems in their schools.

Segmentarticle - Aug. 2, 2013

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