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Gangs And Social Media

Prosecutors and police worry that social media use may actually be accentuating gang related violence in Portland.

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Responding To Summer Gang Violence

Two members of Portland's Gang Violence Task Force discuss how officers are responding to the recent spate of gang-related shootings and their broader approach to combat youth violence.

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Jackson County Responds To Gang Activity

A gang task force spent two years studying community members' perceptions of gang activity in the Southern Oregon county.

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PPB Ramps Up Gang Enforcement

Portland police plan to ramp up efforts to prevent gang violence this summer. Gang violence in Portland is already higher than usual this year, and officials are worried that gang activity will increase during the summer months, when kids are out of school. Last year around this time, we covered an uptick in gang-related shootings. The Portland Police Bureau will pull officers from three divisions: Drug and Vice, Training, and Family Services, which responds to domestic violence incidents. The U.S. Attorney has reassigned three more prosecutors to deal with gang-related gun possessions (there is currently only one prosecutor).

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RNC Workers | Protesters At The RNC | Vancouver Anti-Gang Program

We'll hear from some of vendors and workers at the RNC, and then get a rundown of who's been protesting at the RNC. We then turn our attention to gang violence prevention in Vancouver.

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Responses To Gang Violence: Spartan Boxing And K.E.Y.

We continue our occasional series highlighting different responses to gang violence in Oregon with a look at a boxing program in Medford, part of a larger approach called Keep Encouraging Youth (KEY).

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Portland Gang Violence Remains Higher Than Normal

Six months after the Portland Police Bureau added more officers to its gang team, the rate of gang violence in the city is at an unprecedented high.

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Responses To Gang Violence: The GIFT Program

We'll learn about an inter-agency effort to prevent gang violence in Multnomah County: the Gang Impacted Family Team (GIFT) program.

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Taking Stock Of Gang Activity In Multnomah County

The Multnomah County Comprehensive Gang Assessment compiles data and anecdotal information about gang activity and prevention efforts.

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Gang Of Four's Dave Allen Is Rethinking The Music Industry

Dave Allen wants to help create a new, more robust music industry, and he thinks its possible through new streaming service Beats Music.

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Portland Mayor Charlie Hales Calls For Community's Help To Reduce Gang Violence

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales said the police are using the right strategies to combat gang violence, but they need help from the community to succeed.

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Portland Sets New Record For Gang Violence Incidents

The bureau’s Gang Enforcement Team said it has investigated 121 incidents of gang violence so far this year.

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Study Shows Multnomah County Gangs Decline, Shift East

A new study into gang activity in the Portland area suggests the problem has declined generally in recent years, but has increased in pockets of east Multnomah County.


Poll: Oregonians Concerned About Gangs

A new OPB and Fox 12 poll shows more than half of those surveyed think gang activity is on the rise, but far fewer think it is doing so in their communities. Portland police say they are seeing a second generation of kids drawn to violence.


Group Seeks Ways To Curb Gang Violence

About 100 people gathered in a Northeast Portland church Thursday to discuss what can be done to reduce gangs and violence.


Hillsboro Also Concerned About Increase In Gang Activity

Portland and Gresham aren’t the only places in Oregon witnessing an increase in gang activity. Washington County and Hillsboro are also worried.


Metro Area Police Outline Gang Violence Plan

Government agencies across jurisdictions in the Portland Metro area outlined a new plan Friday to stop the recent surge in gang violence.


Brazil Relocating Gang Bosses Following Deadly Prison Riot

More than 50 inmates died at the remote Anisio Jobim Penitentiary Complex during a grisly, 17-hour standoff believed to have originated as a clash between rival gangs.


New Lawsuit Alleges Baylor Players Gang-Raped Women As 'Bonding Experience'

It's not the first time Baylor University football players have been accused of gang rape. The latest suit alleges that players gang-raped young women, and filmed it, as a hazing or bonding ritual.

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Despite Escaping To The U.S., These Brothers Are Still Terrorized By The MS-13 Gang

The White House blames a spike in violence by the gang MS-13 on unaccompanied children from Central America. But those migrant children are more likely to be the gang's victims than its members.

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