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How Property Taxes Are Influencing The Housing Market

March 19, 2014 7:06 p.m.

According to a new report from the Northwest Economic Research Center, Oregon's property tax system is skewing the housing market.

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An Update On The Portland Arts Tax

April 2, 2014 7:35 p.m.

Portland residents are expected to pay a $35 per person arts tax by April 15.

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Wind Energy Tax Credit Expires

Jan. 3, 2014 8:40 p.m.

We'll explore the effect of the recent expiration of the federal wind energy tax credit, and the role that subsidies play in energy production more broadly.

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Portland Considering New Regulations For Uber, Taxis

April 20, 2015 4 p.m.

Portland city commissioners will vote Tuesday on a pilot program that could lead to permanent change to the rules for cabs and other for-hire vehicles.

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Represented: Data Centers and Taxation In Central Oregon

April 2, 2015 4:27 p.m.

In this third installment of our series "Represented," we look at the impact of data centers in Central Oregon, and a bill to change the taxation structure for the companies that run them.

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What A Carbon Tax Could Mean For Oregon

Dec. 18, 2014 8:45 p.m.

After a recent study said a carbon tax in Oregon could be economically and environmentally feasible, we'll discuss the political outlook for a carbon tax ahead of the 2015 legislative session.

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WA Governor Inslee Lays Out Plans For Roads, Schools, And Taxes

Dec. 18, 2014 8:06 p.m.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is rolling out his two-year budget proposal this week. OPB reporter Austin Jenkins gives us the highlights.

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Oregon Cities Weigh Local Pot Taxes Ahead of November Vote

Sept. 19, 2014 7:25 p.m.

If recreational marijuana is legalized in Oregon, some cities want to cash in by taxing it at the local level.

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County Votes For Big Intel Tax Break Package

Aug. 27, 2014 7:06 p.m.

We'll talk with OPB reporter Conrad Wilson about the history leading up to the deal that just passed and what it could mean for the future of the region.

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Boeing Gets Tax Breaks From Washington Lawmakers

Nov. 11, 2013 8:06 p.m.

Washington lawmakers adjourned their three-day special session after granting the Boeing tax breaks that Governor Inslee pushed for.

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