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Bike Building at Oregon Manifest

Pete Springer/OPB

Imagine the perfect utility bike. You use it to get to work, to go grocery shopping. Now imagine turning that vision into a working piece of art.

Builders competing in the 2011 Constructor’s Design Challenge have been charged with creating the “ultimate modern utility bike.” On Friday the finished bikes will be revealed. They’ll be judged on innovation, design and execution, and they’ll have to complete a 50 mile field test. There is a list of mandatory features all bikes need, including an anti-theft system and load-carrying system.

This year’s competition differs from the innaugural one in that there are now three designer-craftsmen collaboration teams. The teams pair top design firms with talented bike builders. Winners will be announced on Saturday and then displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Craft.

What features do you wish your bike had? Do you commute to work everyday? What would make your ride more enjoyable? 

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