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Guitarist Stephane Wrembel In Portland

J. Elon Goodman

In case you missed it, that romantic gypsy music you hear trailing the footsteps of Owen Wilson’s fictional character “Gil” in Midnight in Paris is the oh-so-French guitar of Stephane Wrembel.

The French born-musician recently spoke with NPR’s David Greene about his musical career and his arrival in the U.S. with just $300 dollars to his name. The next day, he boldly tried to contact Woody Allen via a Yahoo Group.

Today, Wrembel is on the famed director’s music roster — as well as many others — with melodies that invoke the whimsy and free-spiritidness of the Belgian jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Have you listened to Stephane Wrembel or have you seen him in concert? Do you listen to the modern-day gypsy music genre? 


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