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Movie Theaters in the Age of Netflix

Movie ticket sales ain’t what they used to be. Although movie executives point to rising sales abroad, domestically tickets sales are in the decline. Then again, things are a little different in Portland, a city littered with independent movie houses. This week, you can see a popcorn blockbuster like The Hunger Games, grab a beer and watch a film already out on DVD, like Hugo, and then finish with a slice of pie and the 1990 television show Twin Peaks.

But in a time when — if you’re savvy and, ahem, fearless enough — you can watch almost any movie you want, for free, on your computer, why even go out to see a movie?

We’ll talk to two movie theater programmers who are trying to answer that question in different ways.

Are you a movie fan? Where do you watch movies these days? What does it take to get to into a theater?


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