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RX: Health Care by Christmas?

Pete Springer/OPB

As the Senate races a midwestern storm to pass sweeping healthcare overhaul legislation by Thursday morning, we’re taking an hour to look at what many months of wrangling and last-minute deal-making will mean for the our healthcare system.

Whether you see this bill as a lump of Christmas coal or a progressive diamond, there are still plenty of outstanding questions. For example: after the Senate and House versions are reconciled, what will the final bill look like? Will it have a public option? Will the insurance exchange be set up on the state or federal level? How will funding for abortion be handled?

More broadly, what will the coalescing bill mean for doctors, patients and insurance companies? What will it mean for you — your coverage, or your premiums… or your health?

And if you had tuned out from the national debate, but are tuning back in for the home stretch, what questions do you have now?


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