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2013 Oregon Legislative Session Nears End

Gmeador via Flickr, Creative Commons

The Oregon legislature is in the last days of its session, with some capitol watchers expecting it to wrap up before the Fourth of July holiday. The session’s defining battle has been over PERS reform and taxes, and it has continued into these few remaining days.

Plenty of legislation is moving forward, though. The K-12 budget was increased by about $1 billion over 2011-2013. That bill passed easily in the House after a hard road through the Senate. 

So far in the last week, the Oregon Senate passed increased penalties on animal abusers and rejected a plan that would have cut PERS and increased taxes.  Governor John Kitzhaber will soon receive legislation to increase penalties for sex traffickers, ban commercial canola crops in the Willamette Valley, and reduce sentences for some crimes. 

Are you an Oregon voter? What do you think of the bills coming out of the state legislature this year?


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