Comics and political satire publisher ‘The Nib’ to shut down

After 10 years, the award-winning comics website and independent publisher The Nib is shutting down this summer. OPB producer Donald Orr spoke with The Nib founder and editor Matt Bors and contributing editor Sarah Shay Mirk about the legacy The Nib leaves behind.

A body of water in front of a low range of hills, with higher mountains visible in the background.


In Grant County, community ties are strong, but divisions run deep

No matter how you look at it, Grant County – five hours southeast of Portland – is a deeply divided place. But the county’s several small towns bear the hallmark of many rural communities: everyone knows everyone, and people look out for their own.


How science and history created the delicious Oregon strawberry

Strawberries have a long history in Oregon, both as part of our agricultural landscape and also as part of our state's story. From arriving via the Oregon Trail, to varieties being developed to combat disease, to a century old celebration with enough strawberry shortcake to feed a city, Oregon is serious about its strawberries.