Escalating trade tensions could threaten nearly 500,000 Oregon jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of exports, according to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce analysis released Monday.

The Trump administration has targeted China, Canada, Mexico and European Union nations with large tariffs on imports, such as steel and aluminum, claiming the trade partners have routinely ripped off the United States by flooding the market with cheaper goods while restricting their imports of American products.

But many of those countries have responded by announcing new tariffs on American-made goods. The growing likelihood of a trade war threatens to make American products from cars to bread to whiskey more expensive for global consumers, and foreign imports costlier for Americans, the Chamber warned Monday as it kicked off a campaign against Trump’s tariffs.

In Oregon, $799 million in annual exports could be threatened by a trade war, according to the Chamber report. Citing U.S. Department of Commerce and government export data, the report warns of what it calls major negative consequences for every state.

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