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Racing Sled Dogs In Oregon's Eagle Cap Extreme


Morgan Anderson grew up watching Oregon's most-challenging dog sled race. Now she's ready to run her team of huskies in Oregon's rugged Wallowa Mountains for the annual Eagle Cap Extreme.

A Drug Kingpin Worries Over His Imminent Regicide In 'The Gentlemen'


Guy Ritchie returns to the genre he made his bones on, and the film's "rigorous and largely circular" plot is fun; more fun than McConaughey's undercooked performance, anyway.

'Nora From Queens' Is, And Is Not, Awkwafina


Awkwafina's career has ranged from rap to Crazy Rich Asians to a Golden Globe for The Farewell. Now, she's putting down a lot of her old habits in a new Comedy Central series.

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'First, Last And Always, I Am A Fan': Michael Chabon Steers Latest 'Star Trek'

The Pulitzer prize-winning author says he never had the "chutzpah" to dream of writing for Star Trek. But now, he's showrunner and executive producer on Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access.

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'Zombi Child': When The Real Horror Is Colonialism

Writer-director Bertrand Bonello uses the tale of a Haitian zombie to explore intergenerational racial trauma in this quiet, moody film.

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J.S. Ondara: Tiny Desk Concert

After first trying to win our annual Tiny Desk Contest, the singer-songwriter from Nairobi decided to put out a record, got nominated for a Grammy and wound up here anyway.


Torres Explains The Fear And Desire Behind Her Most Self-Determined Record Yet

Mackenzie Scott's fourth record, which came after a period of self-reflection and romantic pursuit, is fixated on desire. "I want people to understand that women can burn for each other," she says.

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'The Four Top': What Is Nattō?

Have you tried the Japanese breakfast food that's as sticky as chewing gum and "smells like stinky feet"? Meet nattō.

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Portland Artist Shelley Jordon Animates Personal Paintings

Shelley Jordon shares her journey of becoming an artist through her amazing family stories.

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Portland Art Museum Receives $10 Million From Philanthropist Arlene Schnitzer

The Portland Art Museum announced Tuesday a $10 million gift from philanthropist Arlene Schnitzer – the largest contribution ever from an individual donor in the museum’s 127-year history.

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In True Tale 'The Third Rainbow Girl,' Townspeople Accuse Each Other Of Murder

Emma Copley Eisenberg's book offers a deep-dive into rural Appalachia — and digs into questions of how deeply misogyny and bias can run inside a community — as she tracks an unsolved double murder.


Raised In Rock, Marcus King Releases 1st Solo Album, 'El Dorado'

NPR's Scott Simon talks with the 23-year-old guitarist about the tragic event that inspired him to start writing songs and what it was like to collaborate with The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach.

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The Rose City Classic Dog Show Is Something To Bark About

Nearly 3,000 very good dogs competed in Portland's annual Rose City Classic Dog Show.

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Marisa Anderson - Pure Form

Filmed at rustic Suttle Lodge, the guitar master performs “Lament" and walks us through her evolution as a player and composer.

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Portland's Fullbright Shows How To Create An Award-winning Video Game

Indie video game creators Steve Gaynor and Karla Zimonja created the critically acclaimed game "Gone Home," which has subverted the definition of what a video game should be through its immersive narrative structure and open-world gameplay.

Arts | local | Oregon Art Beat

The Art Of Representation: Muralist Alex Chiu

Alex Chiu is a Portland-based cartoonist and muralist whose work has gradually evolved from doodles to meaningful art that he uses to lift up and draw attention to Portland's communities of color.

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In An Election Year, Reflecting On A Political Power Couple From The 1800s

NPR's Steve Inskeep, discussing his book Imperfect Union: How Jesse and John Fremont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity and Helped Cause the Civil War, touches on parallels to U.S. politics in 2020.

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The Endless Potential Of The Pedal Steel Guitar, An Odd Duck By Any Measure

The pedal steel guitar is, for many, inextricable from its roots in country music — but its well runs much deeper than simply providing some smooth twang.

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Portland Tattoo Artist Competing In Reality Show 'Ink Master'

But on Tuesday, Jan. 7, Bob Jones will be one in a team of five, representing the West Side in the world premiere of Paramount Networks, “Ink Master: Turf War."

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KMHD's Favorite Jazz Albums Of The 2010s

Looking back over a decade of music is quite the luxury when compiling a "Best Of" list. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a daunting task as well. One has to consider how the future will perceive this music. What marked the sound of this past decade? This list is our best guess. 

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Tell Me A Story: What Narratives Reveal About The Mind

We live in a world of stories. They're in movies, books, and plays. They're even in the things that we buy.

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'Why We Can't Sleep' Documents The Unique Pressures On Gen X Women

Ada Calhoun talked to a lot of Gen X women about the angst they feel as they approach midlife — the pressure to have it all and the feeling that they should have done better for themselves.

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