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Artist Mitch Baird Featured in Vancover Gallery

Artist Mitch Baird

KC Cowan / OPB

The galleries in Vancouver, Washington have their new shows up for the month with a wide variety of styles on display. The “don’t-miss” show is by Mitch Baird at Art on the Boulevard.

Prolific as well as talented, Baird’s show includes many paintings inspired by local scenery, as well as trips to Yellowstone Park in Montana and Italy.

Baird and his wife had always wanted to go to Italy, but thought they should go before they had children. Three years ago, he said, when they decided they were ready to start a family, it was time to take their trip.

One of the larger paintings in the show is a scene of Venice in the early morning. Baird beautifully captures the soft light on the buildings in the background of the painting, while in the foreground boats are being loaded.

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Mitch Baird: North, South, East and West


“I had gotten up early and walked around. I discovered the whole city is bustling at 6am loading and unloading goods,” says Baird. “By nine o’clock when the tourists come in, all the activity is gone.”

Baird always painted, but only got serious about it at Brigham Young University. He was inspired by the work of Richard Schmid, who has won numerous awards for his still-life paintings as well as portraits.

“He is the modern Master,” says Baird. “I think he’s the greatest painter who ever lived.”

Baird says he’s still experimenting with his own style and continues to learn with every painting. And his trip to Italy continues to inspire him both artistically and even personally. He and his wife named their daughter “Sienna” after the Italian city.