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'Beer 'n' Burgers' Seeks Portland's Best Burger

Have you ever wondered how food competition judges manage to eat so many delicious dishes one after the other before crowning a winner?

Well, the general public  — and OPB’s Ifanyi Bell — had a chance to find out as they chowed down on seven different types of hamburgers before voting for their favorite to win the title of “Best Burger in Town.”

Portland Monthly and the Hollywood Fred Meyer hosted the second annual Beer ‘n’ Burgers event where seven of the most popular restaurants in Portland vied for the title of “Best Burger in Town.”

The Competitors

Who will win “Best Burger in Town”?

To find out which burger was crowned champ by all the voters, check out the September issue of Portland Monthly.

With names like “The Yellow Belly Burger,” “Henry’s Hitman Burger” and “Big Island Little Burger,” to name a few, it was obvious that Portland brought out their very best in burger cuisine.

“I like the spirit of competition,” remarked Brandon Wescom, bar manager for Henry‘s Tavern. “Burgers are our specialty. Anyone who has been to Henry’s 12th Street Tavern has probably had a burger and beer and knows it’s what we do best.”

In spite of the hot summer heat, crowds of people filled the parking lot of the Hollywood Fred Meyer to watch the best chefs in Portland do what they do best. Every burger differed from each other with its unique taste — and the crowd had the chance to try them all and vote for the winner.

Not only was there plenty to satisfy the crowd’s appetite for burgers, but there was something tasty for their philanthropic appetite as well. For the second year in a row, Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon were the beneficiaries of this event.

OPB’s Ifanyi Bell, who finished every burger like a champ, voted for BridgePort Brewery’s “Big Island Little Burger” as his favorite of the seven. Don’t take his word for it, though. After all, he was wearing a yellow, cashmere cardigan and a tie on a 90-degree day! To see which burger was crowned champ, check out the September issue of Portland Monthly.