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Blackfish Gallery: Recent Graduates Exhibition

You’ve just graduated from art school. Now what are you going to do?

For 30 lucky artists from colleges and universities throughout Oregon, the answer is share their art with the community and begin launching their professional careers as part of Blackfish Gallery’s Recent Graduates Exhibition.

Every summer, Blackfish Gallery opens its doors to the top talent from colleges and universities throughout Oregon. And for the majority of the students, this is the first time they have ever had gallery exposure.

Go See It!

Recent Graduates Exhibition

  • Blackfish Gallery, 420 NW Ninth Ave., Portland
  • Through July 30
  • Visit website

From special receptions to their debut during First Thursday, participating in the Recent Graduates show provides these aspiring artists with an opportunity to network with and draw inspiration from members of the Oregon art scene, as well as learn more about the business side of working with an art gallery.

“It does give people a chance to test drive their professional skills,” says Gina Carrington, director of Blackfish Gallery. “And there’s certainly a range. Some schools have professional practices programs and some don’t, so some of our students come into this knowing what is appropriate and some are not sure. We end up being a really great place for them to learn about that process, interfacing with galleries.”

This year’s exhibit features everything from paintings to photography, performance art to installations, and runs through July 30.

Carrington adds that many artists from previous exhibitions are now enjoying high-profile careers. This just may be your chance to see next year’s famous artist!

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