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Climbing Mount Hood

In the course of making our Oregon Field Guide special about climbing Mount Hood, we heard all kinds of great stories. There were tales of harrowing falls, astonishing summits and even elaborate practical jokes. Our own experience climbing the mountain as a Field Guide crew to shoot footage for the show sparked a few new ones as well!


As the lucky person who got to hear all these stories firsthand, I was struck again and again by how passionate Oregonians are about “our mountain” and how generously they shared their stories, photos and video with us.

Unfortunately, half an hour is just not enough time to tell all these wonderful stories and so some of the best didn’t make it into the show.

Watch the videos above to see a few of our favorites:

  • Doug Chisholm’s family has the distinction of having a Mount Hood trail named after them. Doug was a teenager when he climbed Hood’s north side with his dad, Colin, in 1961. The ascent went well, but what happened on the way down has become the stuff of legend!
  • Jennifer van Houten grew up in Portland but never dared dream of climbing that tantalizing gem on the horizon… that is, until she took the Mazamas’ Basic Climbing Education Course. Now with several Hood summits under her belt, she encourages everyone to give it a try.
  • Vera Dafoe was a young mother looking for a mental health break when she started climbing. After her first Hood summit, she swore she’d never climb again. Famous last words!


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Do you have a Mount Hood climbing story to share? Have you wondered about the view from the top? Post your comment below.