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Artist Emily Martin on Making a Living in Art

Artist Emily Martin

Emily Martin graduated from art school in 2005. That same year, a new e-commerce site specializing in handmade goods came online. It was called Etsy. Emily began selling her paintings on Etsy under the name Black Apple. Her distinct style evokes storybook illustrations with just a hint of a dark side. And it turns out that’s appealing to a wide range of people. Emily’s Etsy shop quickly became so popular she had trouble keeping it stocked. She ended up quitting her job as a video store clerk to work on the Black Apple full time. She now lives in Portland, Oregon. Emily Martin recently published a book of uniquely adorable paper dolls.

Destination DIY producer Julie Sabatier sat down with Emily for the “I Made That!” episode. They talked about the pride that comes from creating things and what it’s been like to suddenly be making a living making art.

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