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FASHIONxt Profile: Zooka by Carbon Audio

FASHONxt - Zooka by Carbon Audio

“I think this is an incredibly innovative environment,” says Mark Schneider, CEO of Carbon Audio, a new audio product design firm headquartered on Portland’s east side. 

Starting this week, Schneider will be sharing Carbon Audio’s Zooka Speaker Bar, a unique-looking device used to amplify the audio from tablets, phones and more, at FASHIONxt‘s Lifestyle Plaza. The Lifestyle Plaza is a new showcase at during Portland’s fashion week, highlighting local products that exemplify how lifestyle, fashion and technology converge.

Mark Schneider, C.E.O of Carbon Audio

Mark Schneider, C.E.O of Carbon Audio

Ifanyi Bell/OPB

For Schneider, who began his career with the Eastman Kodak company followed by a long stint in the audio division of a major P.C. peripheral company, bringing Carbon Audio to Portland only made sense.

“Certainly Portland is being seen more and more as a source of great incubation of interesting companies and companies with strong design elements to their products. As a result, it was a perfect fit for Carbon [Audio].”

Carbon Audio’s Zooka, which was brought to life with crowdfunded support from Kickstarter, was first released in August. Due to its marriage of technology and fashionable design, Schneider has been able to market the device to retailers like Apple and Target, as well as department stores like Nordstrom. For an eyes- and ears-on experience, you can head down to the Lifestyle Plaza at this year’s FASHIONxt and check it out for yourself.


  • Vigor Industrial Shipyard - 5555 N. Channel Ave Portland, OR 97217
  • October 10 - 13
  • Runway shows are from 8 p.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Click here for ticket information.
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