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Filmmaker Ken Burns Visits Think Out Loud

Prohibition was a very divisive time in the history of a country that is filled with “divisive times.”

To tell the story of this fascinating and challenging period, filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick crisscrossed the country capturing the experiences of outlaws and drunkards, politicians and bootleggers to bring alive the era of the rise, rule and fall of the “Noble Experiment” of Prohibition.

OPB produced a special filmed version of "Think Out Loud."

Ifanyi Bell / OPB

When we learned that Burns was going to be a guest on OPB’s daily radio program Think Out Loud to talk about his upcoming series, we decided to move the interview from the radio studio into the TV studio and invite a few guests to join us for an intimate and informative conversation.

Watch some highlights from the interview and check out the full discussion on Think Out Loud.


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