Who says dessert can’t come first? Our sweet treat at the top of episode 13 is our conversation with Kyra Bussanich, a pastry chef who pulled off a gluten-free coup when she triumphed over the competition in four “Cupcake Wars” episodes on the Food Network.

Kyra Bussanich is a four-time winner of "Cupcake Wars."

Kyra Bussanich is a four-time winner of “Cupcake Wars.”

Courtesy of Food Network

Then, for our second course, we’ve all been there: We’ve arranged to meet someone at a café at 9 a.m. only to find every seat occupied by a freelancer with a laptop … yet no one appears to actually be eating or drinking.  Are these Wi-Fi hogs killing café culture and impoverishing small businesses?

And for our third course, we discuss the under-the-radar ways in which cooking classes teach kids about everything from reading comprehension to public service.

Our panelists are Bussanich, a television personality, four-time winner of “Cupcake Wars,” and owner of Kyra’s Bake Shop; and Danielle Centoni, a James Beard award-winning food journalist, cookbook writer and recipe developer. In addition, regular panelist Laura Russell, a cookbook author, food writer and recipe developer for “Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street,” joins our host, Katherine Cole.

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