In the current political climate, who in the hospitality industry will win and who will lose? Restaurant owners are are divided over whether an anti-regulation, anti-immigration Trump administration will potentially benefit or harm their businesses. We discuss.

Pick your poison: hospital food or prison food.

Pick your poison: hospital food or prison food.

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Next, we consider the all-American ideal of the midsize family farm. Too large for direct-to-consumer outlets like farmers markets and CSAs, yet too localized to enjoy the distribution channels and huge contracts enjoyed by Big Ag operations, these regional growers are looking for ways to reinvent the business of farming before they disappear altogether. In doing so, they might pave the way for a realistically sustainable food movement that could benefit people in all income brackets.

Finally, what do schools, hospitals and prisons have in common? Terrible food. But it isn’t quite as bad as it used to be. Our panelists weigh in. They are Amanda Oborne, vice president of food and farms at Ecotrust; Greg Astley, director of governmental affairs at the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association; and Virginia Gewin, a journalist covering food security and crop diversity for publications such as The Atlantic, Nature, Science and Modern Farmer. Our host is Katherine Cole.

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