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Ginberry Still Offering Free Art

Artist Jen Berry.

Jule Gilfillan / OPB

If you watched the recent Oregon Art Beat story about the artist known as “Ginberry,” you’ll know that she makes art for anyone who asks — whether she knows them or not — free of charge. So when I was interviewing Jen Berry, the woman behind “Ginberry,” I had to ask:

“Jen, what’s going to happen when everyone in Oregon and Southwest Washington knows about you?”

Jen wiggled irrepressibly in her chair and said, “Can I do the happy dance on TV?”

Once the happy dance had subsided, Jen described her goal of touching as many people as possible with the message “you are not alone.”

“If you sign up for art, no matter who you are, you’re getting art.”

That IS a worthy if lofty goal, but there was still the very real prospect that (and thus Jen herself) might be inundated with requests for art. So I pressed her on the point.

“I just hope they can be patient.” And she admitted, “I do feel sorry for that 300th person that gets that email that says, ‘Thank you for signing up for my website. I get out 25-30 pieces a month. You’re number 300 on the list.’”

Today, the Ginberry Artitude Facebook page reports that Jen has received her 350th request for art since the story aired. True to her word, Jen exclaimed “HOORAY!” …and then asked anyone who wanted to volunteer to make envelopes to please contact her.

That makes a total of 376 art requests on Jen’s list. She hopes to be able to satisfy them all in “less than a year.” We wish her luck!

Watch the original Art Beat Story.

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