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Jukebox Memoirs: White Christmas

Kate Clause / OPB

The holiday season is, among many other things, a time of family and, very often, of music. Whether it’s a radio station changing its format for 30 days to all Christmas all the time, a church choir performance, caroling, songs piped over the PA system at a mall or retail store, or listening to favorites in the car or at home, music embodies this time of year.

On a recent trip to her native Kansas, OPB’s Kate Clause spoke with her grandmother, Mickey McClure, about some her favorite musical memories throughout her life. McClure shares her “very favorite” song and a memory of seeing the public debut of Irving Berlin’s classic “White Christmas” in the movie Holiday Inn.

Hear Mickey McClures’ reflections by clicking on the audio player in the right sidebar.

Feature produced by Kate Clause and Jason Sauls

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