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Karen Karbo's 'Julia Child Rules' Is A Recipe For Living

Author Karen Karbo Reads From 'Julia Child Rules'

Julia Child didn’t like rules, says Karen Karbo, author of Julia Child Rules: Lessons on Savoring Life. That’s why the title of the new book could be sort of misleading.

“One of the ways in which she dealt with rules in life was just never to know what they were,” Karbo says. “That way she knew she was sort of breaking them, but because she didn’t know what they were, she didn’t know how she was breaking them.”

Julia Child Rules — a double entendre because, as Karbo says, Julia “does completely rule” — is a collection of 10 rules for living modeled after Child’s life. From “Live with Abandon” to “Every Woman Should Have a Blowtorch,” Karbo focuses on Child’s recipes for life rather than food.

The book is the fourth in Karbo’s Kick Ass Women series, which includes books on Katharine Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Georgia O’Keeffe. Karbo was drawn to Child because she demonstrates how “every woman should own all of her ‘badassery.’”

“You should own yourself. You should own your strength. You should own your quirks,” Karbo says. “A lot of the reason I wrote the book is that she’s hugely aspirational to me.”

Listen to Think Out Loud‘s full conversation with Karen Karbo.

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