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KMHD's Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2012

Compiling a top 10 list for an entire year can be a difficult task, mostly because of the omissions one must make.

For KMHD’s top 10 list, I polled key members of the KMHD staff who play new releases on their programs. I also took into account our JazzWeek charts from the past year to identify albums that received the most airplay on the station. Finally, I looked for records that are diverse, well-thought-out and listenable the whole way through.

We sincerely hope that you’ll take time to seek out and listen to some of these special records — and that you’ll support the artists who put work into creating and producing these stellar new releases.

Out top 10 picks are below.

To learn more about the albums and watch video performances, check out our full feature on KMHD’s blog.

KMHD Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2012

  1. Ahmad Jamal – Blue Moon: the New York Sessions
  2. Esperanza Spalding – Radio Music Society
  3. 3 Cohens – Family
  4. Rob Mazurek’s Pulsar Quartet – Stellar Pulsations
  5. Trio Subtonic – I’ll Meet You There Tomorrow
  6. Henry Cole and The Afrobeat Collective – Roots Before Branches
  7. Christian Scott – Christian Atunde Adjuah
  8. Neil Cowley Trio – The Face of Mount Molehill
  9. Bela Fleck and the Marcus Roberts Trio – Across the Imaginary Divide
  10. Matt Ulery – By a Little Light

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