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Musician and Author Josh Ritter at OPB

For Josh Ritter, being a musician is a lifelong passion that he has pursued since he was young.

But Ritter also has a passion for the literary arts. Inspired by his parents and by authors like Stephen King and Philip Roth, Ritter made the commitment to write a novel while still cultivating his musical career.

Josh Ritter leaving OPB after his interview with Ifanyi Bell of Arts and Life


Amid the constant demands of hectic tour schedules and other demanding musical responsibilities, Ritter spent over a year writing and refining Bright’s Passage, a magical, mystical and ethereal story of a World War I veteran from West Virginia. The book has received a litany of praise, including from Stephen King who wrote of Ritter’s first effort: “Bright’s Passage shines with a compressed lyricism that recalls Ray Bradbury in his prime.”

Ritter is also fresh off of the release of his newest studio album, So Runs the World Away. Look for Ritter to be back here for an opbmusic studio session in the near future. Right, Josh?

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