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Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley Dies At 63

Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley on stage in 1979.

Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley on stage in 1979.

Getty Images, David Corio

Pete Shelley, the Manchester-born co-founder, singer and guitarist of the influential British punk band Buzzcocks, died Thursday in Tallinn, Estonia, at the age of 63.

The news was confirmed, “with great sadness,” by the band’s publicist. A cause of death was not provided.

Formed in 1976, Buzzcocks went on to have a substantial impact on the sound of the still-nascent genre of punk, adding pop sensibilities and space to breathe to a fast-and-hard sound that had, up to that point, largely been defined by The Ramones.

This is a developing story. A full obituary is forthcoming.

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