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Thom Yorke Offers 'Volk,' Another Piece From His Synth-Laden 'Suspiria' Score


Last week, we heard “Has Ended,” the closing-credits-style track by Thom Yorke for his Suspiria score, featuring his own creepy croon. Now we have “Volk,” which sounds like it should accompany a cinematic sequence of unspeakable body horror… or, who knows, maybe a really freaky, slow-motion food fight. (Now that’s a Suspiria remake I’d watch!) There are squeaky strings, spurts of electronic percussion, John Carpenter-indebted synth cascades and hints of Wendy Carlos‘ claustrophobic score for The Shining.

Suspiria (Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film) comes out Oct. 26 via XL Recordings.

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