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OPB Music Interview: Van Hunt

Rock stars have a reputation for behaving, well, like rock stars. So much so that sometimes their music comes a distant second to their unruly behavior, sensational antics and publicity stunts. Such is not the case with Grammy Award-winning musician Van Hunt.

I recently interviewed Van Hunt after he performed songs from his latest album What Were You Hoping For? in the opbmusic studios.

A native of Dayton, Ohio, Hunt released his first, self-titled album in 2004 to modest acclaim with the single “Dust,” which was on rotation witih a number of large-market radio stations throughout the United States. Since then, his work has earned him a solid reputation among musicians, and despite the Grammy Award win, he has yet to enjoy consistent, large-scale commercial success.

During the interview, it quickly became clear to me that Hunt’s music was less about gaining notoriety, fame and selling records, but rather about getting the opportunity to express his creativity on his own terms — conditions that many artists seek.

Hear his perspective on musical expression and more in our video interview, and head over to opbmusic to to watch and listen to songs from the latest session.

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