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Oregon Field Guide Climbs Through the Mazamas' Archives

Founded in 1894 on the summit of Mount Hood, The Mazamas is a nonprofit mountaineering education organization located in Portland. Over the years they have served as historians and archivists for the extensive network of trails and mountain ranges found all over Oregon and the Northwest. Their legacy is marked by the the successful efforts of many of their influential members to preserve and celebrate our outdoor environments. 

OFG Producer Jule Gilfillan digs through Mazamas history.

Todd Sonflieth / OPB

Early on, The Mazamas pushed the boundaries of gender bias and exclusion. Many of the female members challenged the conventions of their day by climbing side-by-side with the men and demonstrating tremendous ability on the slopes. 

Watch the video below to see Oregon Field Guide producer’s Jule Gilfillan conversation with Mazamas archivist and author Jeff Thomas.


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