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Oregon Field Guide's Michael Bendixen Breaks the Ice, Scuba Dives Frozen Lake

Oregon Field Guide Goes Under the Ice

When air leaves your lungs and exhales through your mask, the bubbles naturally rise to the surface. All scuba diving works this way. But when diving in a frozen lake, the bubbles hit an obstacle. At Lake of the Woods near Klamath Falls, the bubbles couldn’t get past a 16-inch thick slab of ice.

Michael Bendixen prepares to take the plunge.

Michael Bendixen prepares to take the plunge.

Vince Patton/OPB

Come to think of it, neither could the divers. Videographer Michael Bendixen entered this dangerous world several times with an underwater video camera for this week’s story on OPB’s Oregon Field Guide.

He spent hours in extra training to get certified as an ice diver before he could join the others under that cap of solid water. Bendixen concedes he was cold and a bit afraid.

In this short behind-the-scenes video, Bendixen shares how he felt while diving, shooting and making sure his tether remained solid to his one and only exit.

Can you watch this video and not feel cold?

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Oregon Field Guide Goes Under the Ice

Oregon Field Guide videographer Michael Bendixen describes what it's like to scuba dive in a frozen lake. Watch our behind-the-scenes video to get a sense of how he felt.