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Oregon Lens 2012 Filmmaker Profile: Christoff Molesworth

Filmmaker Christoff Molesworth

Filmmaker Christoff Molesworth

John Rosman/OPB

an class=”article”>Oregon Lens is celebrating its 14th year on Oregon Public Broadcasting. The program takes the pulse of the Oregon independent film community, highlighting quality cinematic works from seasoned professionals to students. View the broadcast schedule.

Have you seen Frogman around Portland? He’s green, he talks a lot about “weird town” and he has a vendetta against a guy dressed as Batman, who beat out his costume in a superhero pub crawl. But together with Portland auteurs Christoff Molesworth and Travis D. Brown, Frogman turned this discord into a 10-minute short film: Frogman vs. Batman. 

“Frogman is great to work with, but he’s very secretive,” says Molesworth. “He always has the mask on … no one really knows who he is.” Shrouded in secrecy, Frogman plays an integral role in Molesworth’s two films featured on Oregon Lens: Frogman vs. Batman and Frogman vs. Batman Pt. II. Molesworth and Frogman have also launched a comic book series.

Through their collaborations, Molesworth has worked with a diverse number of people from various fields, helping forge personal and professional relationships. He chalks this up to Frogman‘s enigmatic personality.

“Frogman is a great networker. He has helped me develop some longlasting relationships with different individuals in prop design and special effects.” These contacts will become more valuable as Molesworth takes his next step in film: establishing his production company Lovely Numb Productions.

“I see Lovely Numb as an official production company, releasing feature films [in the near future],” says Molesworth. If this sounds like a happy ending thanks to a superhero — think again.

Frogman is not a superhero. He is an anti-hero. “He might cause more crime than he prevents,” admits Molesworth. Need proof? Watch the twisted climax of Frogman vs. Batman Pt. II: Frogman’s Revenge. It leaves the viewer wondering: Do we need a superhero to deliver us from Frogman?

Watch Christoff Molesworth‘s films Frogman vs. Batman and Frogman vs. Batman Pt. II: Frogman’s Revenge on Monday, August 20 at 10 pm on OPB TV.

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