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Oregon Lens 2012 Filmmaker Profile: Maria Allred

Maria Allred

Oregon Lens is celebrating its 14th year on Oregon Public Broadcasting. The program takes the pulse of the Oregon independent film community, highlighting quality cinematic works from seasoned professionals to students. View the broadcast schedule.

Maria Allred picked up her first camera a year and a half ago, and hasn’t stopped shooting and editing since. Although new to film, Oregon Lens host and executive producer Steve Amen sees something timeless in Allred’s style. “She has an incredible eye; her composition is phenomenal,” says Amen.

Two of Allred’s films — Guerilla Fire and Noah Mickens — will air as part of the Oregon Lens series. Her feature Guerrilla Fire was the one of the first pieces she ever shot. Guerilla Fire is a 10-minute collage of movement and location. With the exception of a few scenes, Allred is both behind the camera and dancing in front of it. In the piece, Allred spins fire across various street locations in Portland, including an awning, where she stands uncomfortably close to flags, and on the ledge of a 12-story building.

While in the midst of  her first foray into film, Allred realized that Guerrilla Fire represented a synergy of her passions. I was looking for quite a while to merge the tenets of life that I like, elaborates Allred. I love the visual arts, writing and dance … film is the gestalt of everything I love doing.

And as a filmmaker, Guerrilla Fire is symbolic of her lifestyle. In regards to spinning fire on the edge of a roof, Allred laughs, Im always taking risks. Im always living on the edge, meeting death every day, in a certain way.

Watch Maria Allred’s films Guerrilla Fire and Noah Mickens: A Modern Ring Master on Thursday, August 24 at 10 pm on OPB TV.

Correction - August 24, 2012: An earlier version of this article misstated the name of one of the films as “Noah Mickenson.” The film is called “Noah Mickens: A Modern Ring Master.”

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