This week, Pope Francis set the Twitterverse on fire.

A photo taken during his historic tour of Africa looks like his Holiness is … well, it kind of looks like he’s rapping.

People have been posting rhymes to Twitter with the hashtag #popebars, imagining what rhymes MC Pontifex would drop, if the photo turned out to be for real.

We asked Portland’s own Elton Cray, of Elton Cray and the Pariahs, what he thought of these. (Catch him at Kelly’s Olympian tonight.) Here’s some of his favorites:

Or would Francis be more likely to drop a Biggie reference?

Even some pretty famous people jumped in to write rhymes for the Pope. We found bars from Tommy Chong:

The playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda jumped in:

And here’s one from a classic Brooklyn guy, Talib Kweli.

Thanks to Elton Cray for helping us out with #popebars. Elton has an EP available now.

And he is going back into the studio with his band, The Pariahs. Watch for a new record from him in 2016.

As for Pope Francis, we’re still waiting on the record.