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Portland Musician With Deep Oregon Roots Finds His 'Worth'

Portland musician Christopher Worth started out with the band NIAYH. That stood for “Now Is All You Have.” And while the rock band is no longer together, Worth is finding out what he now has as a solo artist with roots that go back for generations in Oregon. Oregon Art Beat’s Jule Gilfillan sent us this audio post-card.

“My name is Christopher Worth and I’m not a blues musician but I sing the blues and I don’t write or play Gospel music but Gospel, you know its definition is the “good word” and I definitely resonant with that. And that’s why I write music under the name Worth, which is my middle name.


“It’s less about I am WORTH or this music is WORTH and more about every time we play a show, every flier that goes out, everything that people see, like it’s like subconscious conditioning, priming them to think about things that are valuable. That’s what I want my music to be about.

“I didn’t grow up listening to that much music. My grandfather played piano and cello.

“I feel like I’m sitting at the seat of my grandfather, like my ancestors are behind me and I feel like I’m channeling their spirits or whatever they had to say. I ask them what do we need to say?

“I’m named after, you know, there’s 200 years of Christopher Worths and like, it terrifies me. It’s a big name to live up to but it is my name so I have to do a good job. And it better be about healing and about inspiration and about like honesty and truth, you know. Because the whole journey is about finding that WORTH.”

Worth Concert



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Christopher Worth was an aspiring actor in college but it wasn?t until a part in a musical required him to sing that he discovered he had a voice. Since then, ?Worth? as he is known, has come to think of his talent as a gift as well as a devotional practice. With a vow to share his gift with the world ?no matter what,? Worth is dedicated to singing to strangers on the street as to paying guests.