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Sam Leach: Boy Writes Song for Girl

Near misses. Chance encounters. Love and loss. Could the milestones of your relationship be set to music?

From dramatic engagement stories and first dates, to the dutiful patience of long-distance relationships, Sam Leach, owner of Boy Writes Song for Girl, writes, produces and records love songs for guys looking to surprise and impress their girlfriends, wives or fiancées.

Leach has been producing music under “Boy Writes Song for Girl” since 2004. He’s produced love-laced tracks for a variety of different guys with a variety of different stories. No matter how complicated the relationship is, his clients always come away happy.

“Everyone who has hired me has a great story which translates into a great song,” says Portland-based singer-songwriter Leach. “The feedback I get from clients is overwhelmingly positive.”

Interestingly enough, and as the title “Boy Writes Song for Girl” indicates, Leach’s clients are exclusively male. He made it clear that his creative model is geared toward that perspective. 

“I’m a guy. I can relate,” says Leach, explaining the rationale behind his business model.

So how does Leach create these custom songs for his clients? It starts with a simple conversation. Leach meets with a client at an informal location — most often a café somewhere in Portland — then simply asks questions about elements of the relationship. This discussion helps his clients identify vivid moments that provide content for the songs.

Leach notes that some clients are more prepared than others.

“Some people come to me and know exactly what they want to say in a song, and others I have to work with a little bit to pull out the salient details, but that’s part of the process and it’s really a great way to get to know the client’s character.”

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