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Slideshow: Holly Andres' 'The Fall of Spring Hill'

The Fall of Spring Hill

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Portland-based photographer Holly Andres has been busy since we last caught up with her two years ago on Oregon Art Beat. At the time, Andres was working on “Sparrow Lane,” a series of photographs depicting the female psyche transitioning from girl to womanhood. After successfully exhibiting the series in Portland, Andres had additional solo shows in San Francisco, New York and Istanbul.

“The Fall of Spring Hill” is Andres’ latest body of work, which premiered at Portland’s Hartman Fine Art last April and will open at New York City’s Robert Mann Gallery on January 26th. In these photographs, Andres illustrates mothers performing particularly heroic acts in order to protect their children (a recurring theme in her latest work). Using a linear narrative to tell her story, Andres presents her photographs like a cinematic storyboard. Each image is a snapshot of a lively scene, almost like a still frame captured right out of a movie. There are two separate storylines intercut, one from the mothers’ point of view and one from the children’s. The two come together in the last few photographs for a climactic resolution.

 In addition to taking the “The Fall of Spring Hill” to New York, Andres is in the process of expanding her photography into the commerical realm. In fact, she will be announced as a new artist for the commercial photo agency within the next few days. “This is all very new and exciting to me,” she says.

Preview Andres’ vibrant work in this slideshow presentation of “The Fall of Spring Hill.” To view more of her photography, visit

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