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Still Life Painter Lisa Caballero Focuses on Food

Still life painter Lisa Caballero has turned her eye for realism beyond fruit and flowers, as Oregon Art Beat discovered back in 2008 when they first profiled Caballero and her penchant for painting cupcakes.

Living in a food-centric city like Portland, it’s no surprise that Caballero is inspired by culinary subjects. “I like to paint the food of our contemporary lives,” she says.


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Last year, Caballero served as Artist-in-Residence at the University Club of Portland, which provided her with a studio on the floor above their pastry kitchen.

“The aroma of bread, cakes and chocolate mingled with that of my linseed oil as I painted,” remembers Caballero. “It was only a matter of time before I became a regular visitor to the kitchen, where Chef Gerald Shorey would provide me with his lovely chocolates to use as models. I never returned any of them!”

Recently, Caballero has been working on a series of paintings which she calls the “Icons of Industry and Agriculture.” These paintings are less about images of food; instead, they feature the massive, rusting silos, granaries and mills that dot the Willamette River. The Oregon Historical Society will exhibit the first set of paintings from this project in a show titled “History as Muse, Art as Record,” running August through December 2012.

In the meantime, you can see Caballero’s paintings of candy, chocolate boxes and other treats at Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales Gallery and the The Sovereign Gallery.

You can see Lisa Caballero and other artists in Oregon Art Beat: The Art of Food.


Lisa Caballero - Still Life Paintings

Lisa Caballero

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